Adult Education - Weekly Tanya Class

Join us on a journey as we explore the means and methods of transforming and elevating our average day to day struggles temptations and challenges, that human beings encounter along their path of life,

Enjoy along the way mystical concepts such as: Garments of the soul - Dwelling for G‑d in the physical world - Animal soul and G‑dly soul

When: Thursday evenings 7:30-8:30pm

How: via zoom - from the comfort of your home



At Chabad of Northern RI we offer different classes and program to enrich your Jewish practice and knowledge.  

some of the programs that we offer:

  •  JLI Courses
  • Torah & Tea

Torah and Tea is a women's Torah discussion group. Each class is a stand alone topic. Join Mushka and other women from the community in our Torah and Tea sessions. 

  • Jewish Women's Circle 

Every woman deserves a night out. The Jewish Women’s Circle offers just that opportunity. Jewish Women of all ages and background get together to socialize, learn, laugh, experience and recharge. Each of our meetings feature a lively, meaningful discussion, a great do-it-yourself activity, and a chance to meet new friends and schmooze. Join us monthly and complete our circle.

  • Bagel, Lox & Tefillin Club

Learn the significance of Tefillin and how to put them on, followed by a delicious breakfast with bagels and lox.Tefillin are available if you don't own a pair. Fathers, you can create an everlasting bond with your son...bring your teen to the Tefillin Club and bind Tefillin together!  

  •   One-on-One

Do you find the classes offered don’t suit your schedule or level of knowledge? Would you like to explore a specific topic of interest? No problem!

Register today to begin an intellectually stimulating study session were you choose the time and location at your convenience. Learn about our heritage, beliefs, history and Jewish philosophy with Rabbi Aryeh or Rebbetzin Mushka by indicating your preferred topic you may contact us here.